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«За кого бы я проголосовал 4 ноября 2008 года, будь я американцем?»

«10 причин, почему российский либерал должен был бы поддержать ДЖОНА МАККЕЙНА на президентских выборах в Америке»


Москва ,

2 сентября 2008 года .




For whom I would vote on November the 4 th were I American?

10 reasons why Russian liberal thinker should support JOHN MCCAIN for Presidency?


•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN is a man of principle . He can bring us back to the times of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan when political pragmatism was one of methods not the sole Method of politics. His financial orthodoxy shows his pragmatism, but his tough critique of Saudi abuse of human rights (despite Saudi oil) and of present authoritarian regime of Russia (despite Russian oil) shows his principles.

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN has got a war experience . He is a soldier. And, as any real soldier knows, war is something you choose when all other ways proved to be useless. For only real soldiers hate war most sincerely. That is why it was laughable when Mr. Putin in his interview for CNN on 28.08.08 accused Senator that war in OSSETIA happened because of Senator's electoral interests. KGB ex-agent who knows nothing about war, real war, was trying to attribute to a soldier the cynicism towards war!

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN is not a Right radical . He combines deep religious feeling with liberal views on some topics of importance. The proof is his strong social ticket: health care programs, educational reforms, his interest in ecology and climate change, his integral approach both to abortion (pro-life approach combined with pro-choice one) and to stem cells research (involving-no-embryos approach). This strategy of playing on the traditionally Democratic field may help him disrupt Democratic electorate and ultimately win. His being at odds with the far Right wing of his own Party confirms one extremely interesting fact that new Rights may soon appear: Republicans who are both economically Conservative and socially motivated (like Rudolph Giuliani). Neoconservatives must understand that there is no time for further trouble now: all over the world from Venezuela to China and Northern Korea anti-Americanism has been uniting many leaders otherwise hardly friendly. GOP must unite around JOHN MCCAIN to help him unite the country therefore to help him win (despite Senator Obama's populism) therefore to help America unite all democracies of this planet. Now facing new danger –authoritarian revanchist Russia , which is trying to unite Asian countries under anti-American umbrella, GOP must remain as strong as perhaps it has never been before. And even more than that: I am writing this not because I hate Russia but because I love Russia , not Russia of serfdom and abuses of power, but Russia of liberty, law and dignity. But pessimism towards idea of Liberty here in Russia goes even deeper than some pessimists in the West think. I mean the problem of Russian intelligentsia: since the time of its birth in the beginning of 19 th century it is pro-Western, being in minority. But since that time up to now, it is anti-American, with only few exceptions. Why? Because Russian liberal intelligentsia is still inclined to European democracy in formal sense (power of majority ultimately leading to state paternalism) not to American priority of personal liberties. That is why we need JOHN MCCAIN as much as you Americans do: right person at the right time who at the same time tries to purify conservative mind from Left and Right extremes, both state-oriented !

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN cannot be used or deceived by political opponents abroad . In Vietnam he experienced what Soviet power meant for the world. So he, to use Baroness Thatcher's famous remark, “knows the beast”, therefore cannot be misled by political buffoonery or bluff. He is not of FDR naïve style, rather of Churchill's! He is not, to quote Lenin, a “liberal idiot” to be used for Lefts' purposes.

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN will continue the War on Terror . He won't weaken any lawful effort to beat international terrorism wherever it is arising or may arise. As political realist he understands the limits for exporting democracy; as a man who saw real battleground, he will not let his generals in Iraq or Afghanistan down by putting populism first. Take the opposite instance of Chechnia where the over-use of military power and untimely “chechenization” of the conflict led only to further corruption.

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN supports the universality of education for children disregarding their background . He argues against any discrimination at schools and universities, methodological (standards) and access (free choice of college) discrimination including. This is (as an example to steer by) of highest importance for present Russia where ideological (and clerical) pressure on education only mounts.

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN can trust women. His choice of Mrs. Sarah Palin (Alaska Governor) as his VP candidate evidently shows this. It again sets an example for Russia where the role of women has for centuries been and is still underestimated. Russian feminists have failed to achieve the original aim: instead of showing the advantages of women's psychology (such as great stamina and creative associating capabilities), they tried hard to adapt to men's social roles. As if to complicate things, the very idea was profaned by those women in power who, in supporting the authoritarian model, became just a part of the problem.

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN can turn potential opponents into friends, as Senator Joe Lieberman case proves . Joe, as it is widely known, supports JOHN MCCAIN risking his own brilliant career in Democratic Party. This friendship also relates to one topic of greatest importance –the future of Israel . Needless to say, hardly Israel would remain in its present borders since late 40s, had US not been behind this free country. Once US weaken only a little bit their support, those who want Israel to dissipate or disappear will seek for “final solution” and will find it! That is why US President must be a man personally interested in Israel 's destiny (as US Jewish Advisory Coalition recognized)!

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN will try hard to reduce America 's oil dependency from doubtful regimes. This advantage is not only about economy but equally about politics. "In recent days I have set before the American people an energy plan, the Lexington Project -- named for the town where Americans asserted their independence once before . And let it begin today with this commitment: In a world of hostile and unstable suppliers of oil, this nation will achieve strategic independence by 2025." This was said on June 25, 2008, and remains his pledge. It sets the example for EU, which still depends much on Russian gas and oil thus making it possible for Kremlin to manipulate the European public opinion (by driving a wedge between old and new EU members). Only after Georgian case EU started thinking seriously about the problem. “Old Europe” (to use Donald Rumsfeld's immortal phrase) must understand at last that “new Europe” knows better, for they have got a sufficient experience in dealings with former USSR, and that ALL EU MEMBERS HAVE COMMON INTERESTS therefore must have a common energy strategy and common defense strategy (the latter impossible without US military umbrella and without NATO).

•  It's because JOHN MCCAIN will strengthen not weaken NATO. NATO is at crossroads now. It will either succeed (by including new members, former USSR republics and even some Middle Eastern, Asian and Pacific states like Israel, Jordan, Southern Korea, Japan, Australia, and, further democratization given, Kuwait and Pakistan) or turn into sort of UN-style inefficient forum. NATO is for the world so it must be of world scale.